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KEY was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping Ceramic Sanitaryware Manufacturers around the world by offering complete product development solutions backed with the experience gathered by its founders and employees for more than  30 years of activity combined in the  Ceramic Sanitaryware Industry, where they have been in managing production for international markets. On July 2012, Key has merged with Sanikey Seramik Saglik Gerecleri A.S. and operates under Sanikey name.



We  are   specialized  in  the  ceramic  sanitaryware   product  development,  where  expertise   and  knowledge  is  the  key  factor  for  accurate  and  speedy  delivery  of  the final product. KEY has the experienced human resources and right  manufacturing  tools  to  insure  the quality of its products and  services.  To   learn   more   about   our   products   and   services,   please    visit    the    "Product Development" or "Technical Assistance" pages of our web site.



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